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February 7, 2012
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February 12, 2012
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Awesome treadmill run then row machine

Ran 2.02 miles on the treadmill. This was one of my proudest moments since I started running. Last Tuesday I ran 6:15/:45 run/walk intervals, so tonight I decided to see if I could run for 10 minutes without stopping then take a walk break. At 8 minutes I was still feeling good, so I decided to go for it and run a mile without stopping (I’ve done that before so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem). At one mile I was still feeling good so I decided to keep going to 1.25 miles. I didn’t stop – I kept going to 1.5 miles, then continue running until I got to 2.02 miles. I would have kept going to see how far I got, but the gym was closing and I wanted to get on the rowing machine tonight. I’m so stoked. This was one of the easiest runs and I had a negative split I also ran a :31 faster pace for Mile 2 and my heart rate was only 137 bpm.

I’ve run 20 minutes without stopping before, but it was when I first did the C25K program and I wasn’t able to run 2 miles at that point. I’m closer to my goal of running a 5K without stopping (Yup – stoked).

Mile 1 = 12:37 avg pace
Mile 2 = 12:06 avg pace
Mile .02 = 10:47 avg pace

Next up – rowing machine. I like that it works multiple muscle groups. I can only do 7 minutes (combination of muscle fatigue and the gym closing), but I’m going to stick with it.

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