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January 1, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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Starting over (again) isn’t a bad thing

I feel like a broken record, but here I am once again starting over with my running training. I’m not disappointed because I knew it would be a long road back. To be truthful, I’m only somewhat disappointed. I liked racing, and was getting pretty good (for me) at short distance triathlons. The really I’m not totally disappointed is that while I like swimming, I don’t like swimming during co-ed races. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that swimming is the first leg of triathlons, and without it then it’s a duathlon, cycling, or running race. I’m still working out the mental part of it. But I digress.

Did I think it would take 3 years to get on track with my running?

Am I surprised it’s taken so long?
No! I’m not a spring chicken and it was a bad injury.

Am I scared that I won’t get back to the same level of racing as 3 years ago?
ABSO-FCKING-LUTELY!! [OK, that was crass and may not even be a word, but it really describes how I feel.]

I think this time is different as I’m really ready to get back to triathlons and to racing. There have been a lot of hurdles to overcome…some physical, most mental. My brain thinks I’m still in the same shape; my body is inventing new curse words that it is spewing rapid fire.

So…here’s where my brain was that night. My body complained a bit after the run, but did hang in there for all of the intervals.

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