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Diana Dibble
Diana Dibble2 weeks ago
Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas!

There are many types of mothers: biological, adoptive, step, foster, fur, godmammas, grandmamas, and ones who take the role of mama and provide "mothering".

For the ones who want to be a mama but can't be or aren't: at a personal level I totally understand this may be a hard day, but try to remember your worth isn't defined by motherhood.

For the ones who aren't mothers by choice, keep rocking it.

And for the ones who are missing their moms, sending virtual hugs!


Diana Dibble
Diana Dibble2 weeks ago
Anyone else do this?

I've always been a night owl, and I love being outside. It's how I unwind. It was another busy week, so this weekend has been all about relaxation.

I was hoping to get a glimpse of the northern lights. I looked up and saw this beautiful moon. My phone camera has incredible zoom capabilities, so I was able to capture this photo. I might not see the northern lights, but I have this great photo.

Shout out to my photographer brother, @sean_d5, who taught me how to frame a shot.

#photography #reflection #mindset #worklifebalance #relaxation #entrepreneur #getoutside
Diana Dibble
Diana Dibble2 weeks ago
I had an amazing lunch today with Lesli Creedon. Lesli is the President and CEO of Make-a-Wish Mid Atlantic (@wishmidatlantic). I shared my journeys as a serial #entrepreneur and #braintumorsurvivor. She shared moving stories about the work they do. We also talked about ways we can work together.

This is an amazing organization, and I would be honored to be associated with them and their mission. Can't wait to see what's next!
Diana Dibble
Diana Dibble3 weeks ago
It's only been 2.5 years since my surgery. However, this is my 3rd year "celebrating" brain tumor awareness month as a brain tumor survivor and warrior, so I understand the significance of this month.

As a person living with 2 brain tumors, I will always be part of this group. I didn't ask to be a member. Believe me when I say that brain tumors weren't on my bingo card, but I am using my voice and expertise to make a difference.

My story may be someone's roadmap to survival. It's why I share my story of hope and the need for Planning for the "What If"®️.

#braintumorsurvivor #motivationalspeaker

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