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February 11, 2012
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February 19, 2012
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Coldest day of the year

This was the coldest day & run of the year. It was about 20 degrees, but the wind was brutal! Windchill was 8 degrees – thank goodness for layers. Met my friend Heather at the Olney swim center. There is a patch across the street that leads down to the ICC bike path, which was really neat. We went one mile out and back running next to the ICC (that was amazing) Basically ran the first mile with only one break (tie shoe & blow nose :D). With the wind it was an overall good pace. Slowed down a little bit during mile 2 (cold legs are hard to move). By Mile 3 it was really hard because my thighs were so cold that the muscles were barely functioning so I had to take a few more brief walk breaks. All in all I’m very happy. We had a great time and a really great run – even with the wind I was still under a 13 minute avg pace. Plus I was able to talk to her throughout the run, which is something I normally can’t do.

Mile 1 = 12:27
Mile 2 = 12:43
Mile 3 = 13:12 (really feeling the cold at this point)

After the first 3 miles, but it was so cold and that we decided to walk the last mile back. Still a great pace considering it was uphill and windy. Plus we had a blast. Made plans to do a track workout on Wednesday.

Total mileage for running & walking was 4.13 miles, and believe me…we earned every step!

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