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I am fortunate to have an incredible support team. They keep me running strong and healthy and make sure that I have the gear I need. I really recommend them. Click on the logo to go to their website.


Pow-Her Chiropractic
401 N. Washington Street, Suite 168
Rockville, MD 20850
ph: 301-279-9009 │ fax: 301-279-9008

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Cheryl Lee-Pow & her team at Pow-Her Chiropractic. When I first met Dr. Cheryl I had running injuries that needed to be addressed AND I had my first 5 mile race 5 days after my first appointment. I had two treatments and successfully ran the race. Dr. Cheryl committed to me that she would have me meet my running goals, which included a 10-mile race (ran 4/3/11), a half marathon (ran 6/5/11), a full marathon (TBD), and a 50K race (in 2014).

Her practice has a range of services offered to patients such as: Chiropractic Techniques, Myofascial Release Techniques, Spidertech Kineseology Taping, Dry Needle, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Orthotics Evaluation.

Bartlett Multisport 

I’ve been working with Coach Ben Bartlett since February 2013. I’ve seen a definite improvement in my overall fitness and endurance, as well as a stronger mental focus. He’s able to dial in training plans that accommodate my busy work schedule, and keeps me in check so I’ve balanced between pushing my comfort zone and dialing back when needed. He’s very in-tune with his students, which makes him an outstanding coach.


With over ten years of triathlon racing experience at an All-American level, Coach Ben Bartlett knows what it takes to develop all levels of triathlete. He works with all skill and experience levels whether the athlete is looking to finish or improve upon his/her first triathlon, qualify for national or world level competition as age grouper, or establish himself/herself as a professional triathlete, Coach Bartlett works effectively and efficiently.

Coach Bartlett offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet each individual’s training needs. These include personal one-on-one sessions focused on technique development; interactive coaching with daily feedback paired with a weekly plan developed for you personally; or stand-alone plans that you can execute by yourself.

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I was contacted by HydroChic to test one of their swim skirts. I LOVED it. The great news is they started making a swim skirt without leggings so I was able to wear my tri capris under it and then change to a different (dry) skirt for the bike/run legs of the triathlon. Having a modest skirt that I can actually train and race in made it able for me to finally register for a triathlon. Many people ask about the drag. Yes, swim skirts create drag. However, the way the panels are cut makes it more aerodynamic and you get used to it. Plus the panels are cut so they don’t grab your legs as you exit the water.

If you don’t want/need a below the knee skirt, but still want a swim skirt, Hydrochic is definitely a place to shop. They offer styles that meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Disclaimer: they did give me a skirt to test, however I liked it so much I purchased several more.

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I get my running skirts (style 1439) from Kosher Casual in Israel. They are a modest length and hold up well in training and competition. To get more information and see their other modest workout clothing, click on the logo above or on this link


I never leave home without my RoadId. I have the Wrist ID Slim. I even wear it when I’m not working out. I have 5 of the colored bands that I can swap out including a black band that I can wear with my work suits. I take it with me when I travel or leave the house with just keys and money. I have the interactive one that allows first responders access to my health records and health insurance information. I hope I never need to use it, but I’m prepared just in case. Click on the logo or go to for more information.


Robyn & Chris Gault and their staff really care about athletes and make sure that people have what they need, not just what they want. I really trust them and have become friends with a lot of the FF folks.

One of the first things I learned was I was going to get a pair of running shoes that fit my foot, gait and running level; not one that I thought was cute. This is the basis of their FITlosophyTM and it has really stuck with me. They offer a variety of training programs and really fun events. I did my ChiRunning class at their location.  I recommend that friends who are new to running make Fleet Feet Gaithersburg their first stop. The right shoes are the best way to prevent a lot of unnecessary injuries, especially shin splints and plantar fasciitis.


I first signed up for =PR= Training Programs Distance Training Program in the summer of 2011, followed by Winter 2011. I also signed up for Running 101 in the Spring of 2012 to work on fundamentals and also gain speed and endurance. They have all types of training (running & triathlon) programs in multiple locations. Plus the coaches are awesome.


SS Massage and Healing
(301) 326-6860 cell

I have relied on Sarah Southmayd’s massage therapy sessions since 2010. She has healing hands and a calm that permeates the air around her. I work in a high stress industry. When I first went to see Sarah, I arrived with my back and neck in so many knots that I was barely able to breathe. Sarah put me back together and keeps me running — literally and figuratively. She has a gift that can’t be taught and I am grateful to her. As long as she is providing massage therapy and energy work, I will be a client!

She makes house calls, office calls, and has a private studio that she works in. She is a RMP and is certified in Swedish, deep tissue, sports and hot stone massage. She is a certified Reiki Master and teaches private and group classes on this modality. She has also been trained in Aryurvedic massage & has worked with the elderly in the home and assisted living facilities.