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October 6, 2011
My first MCM10K race (and not my last!)
October 30, 2011

The things we do to run

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The things we do to run

Oh the things we do so we can run!

I had to get dry needling done Wednesday night on my super-cramped calf. It’s not from running, but from walking 13+ miles every week for 3 weeks in flat dress shoes. You’d think I’d have a better story than that, huh?

Thankfully Dr. Cheryl Lee-Pow of Pow-Her Chiropractic not only fixed it, she stayed at the office until 11 pm making sure I could actually bear weight on that leg. She did a lot of work — ART, Graston, and dry needling, but I went from limping to walking without problems. She still has work to do on it to get the knots and cramps completely out, but I’ll be able to run this weekend.

MCM10K is Sunday. I’m running it with several friends and I’m going to have a blast!

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