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January 1, 2012
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January 15, 2012

The numbers say it all

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The numbers say it all

I just got my DailyMile report for 2011. The results weren’t too bad (including all sports), but when I looked at the total miles for running, it was eye opening.

I improved my running mileage over the previous year.  I was pleasantly suprised to see that I ran a high of 49 miles in May (before the June Zooma half marathon), and did mileage in the 30s for June, July (37 miles), and August, but from there the totals started going down. No wonder my short runs are my long runs right now. Looking back, maybe this is evidence of the burnout I experienced in late August.

September was crazy with the end of the government fiscal year, two new contracts and 7 new employees, and the Jewish holidays. October and November were also crazy busy at work and I got sidelined with a cold in December.

2012 is off to a better start. It’s January 10 and I’m already equal to my December running miles. I told my business partner that I need to get more work-life balance. I worked over 2200 hours in 2011. That didn’t include the 148 hours of PTO that I took, which puts me at 2348 hours for the year (full time is 2080 hours!).

My life change goal (not resolution) is to find time for me to run and to carve out boundaries that allow me to be successful personally and professionally.

I just got an email with the Runners World Quote of the Day. It really says it in black and white:

“Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can’t cheat yourself. If you don’t put in the miles, you can’t go to the starting line thinking you’re going to pull a miracle out of nowhere. You get out exactly as much as you put in.”

~Desiree Davila

I don’t mind putting in the hard work. I’ve been on track the last couple of weeks, so I’m getting back into my good habits. I gotta keep doing it on a regular basis. I’ve got goals and being goal-driven, I’m not going to let anything stand in my way!

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