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Swimming huh?

I’m in week 3 of my swim clinic. It is amazing to think that I was once part fish and spent a great deal of time in the water. This type of swimming — i.e., freestyle is much different. It’s also quite different to have to swim in a skirt, capris, and long sleeves with a swimsuit under this outfit. It creates a lot of drag and makes my workout much more difficult. The good news is one of my coaches says my stroke looks good; I just have to work on my endurance.

41msvggx3rl-_sx385_Like everyone else, I have a much easier time keeping my form when using my swim fins. I use the TYR Flex Swim Fins, which I purchased on They have great prices and fast shipping. By using the fins, I can slow down my stroke and use the correct technique. Anyone who know me knows I’m a stickler for learning technique. I can swim 100 yards with no problems wi

th fins or 25 strong yards without fins, but am gasping for air at the end of 50 years without fins. I know I don’t have full lung capacity from a previous test by a pulmolist. I’ll just have to figure out how to incr

ease my capacity or learn to work around it.

It’s different story when the fins come off. Buoyancy is a problem and I think part of the reason is the weight of the skirt when it’s wet — It’s dragging me down. I really like the skirt, but I’m may have to find a plan B option going forward. The extra resistance is using up a lot of energy, which I will need later during the triathlon for the bike and run legs.

Regardless of all of this, I love being back in the pool. I get a great workout without as much wear on my body as running. Plus it’s amazing how a good coach can break down the swim stroke into separate components that allow me to “imprint” the motion on my body before I take on the next  component. I really appreciate this methodology when I try to do the entire stroke. I can almost immediately tell where the stroke is falling apart and what I need to pay attention to in order to correct it. I think this will allow me to practice on my own without “undoing” what I’ve learned. Most of all I’m having a lot of fun and have a lot of new friends that I’ll get to race with.

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