I did 16 miles today
November 14, 2012
I did 19 miles today
December 2, 2012

Rethink I can’t when you see this picture

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Rethink I can’t when you see this picture

I’m counting down the weeks until my first marathon. I’m trying to stay on track with my training inspite of work and recently achieved my first 16 mile run. And then I got sick. A terrible hacking cough for over two weeks. As a result, I’ve been wondering how I am going to get through this marathon in one piece and how much it is going to hurt when I got done :), but one thing I know is I’m going to finish it.

However, I’ve been saying “Oh, I’ll be walking a good portion of it because I can’t run it all.” That’s true, but why not push myself a little harder to run more of the race? Why not change my attitude and have the goal of running at least a little bit of every mile instead of race walking the whole thing? After all I was able to do run/race walk during my first 16-miler, and I survived it (even felt good enough to run a 13:33 pace during Mile 14).

And then I saw this picture posted by a friend. This is Juan Jose Fernandez, and his picture was originally posted by Amazing Things in the World on their Facebook page (I don’t know if they took it or not). It really inspired me and I posted the following: “If you’ve ever said “I can’t” then look at this picture and decide if maybe “I can” is possible.”

I’m going to take my own advice. I’m going to rethink “how” I think about what I can and can’t do, especially as I make life goals.

Rock on Juan Jose…you’re an amazing person!

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