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November 29, 2013
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January 4, 2014
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reflections of the year

2013 ends…2014 begins. Even if we don’t do anything, it’ll still happen. However what we do from year to year, both big and little, moves us from one place in our lives to another.

2013 has been a year of baby steps forward/giant steps back; giant steps forward/baby steps back, with some inertia, dancing and tears thrown in to spice things up.

I can’t change anything that happened in 2013 or any previous years for that matter. So I’m going to not dwell on it [too much].

I have a lot of personal and professional goals for 2014, but the most important “resolution” I have is to keep things in perspective. Truth be told I cant control anything that will happen in 2014. I can influence, plan ahead, and dream; but at the end of the day, my goal is to sometimes just go with the flow. It won’t be easy…I have an incredible need (obsession) to plan and control. [A lot of people I know just stopped reading because they are laughing and saying “ya think?”]

2014 will be a year of bigger challenges, more racing, and lots more fun. I’m already registered for two back-to-back half marathons, a duathlon, a charity 5K, and I’m hoping to get into 2 Sprint triathlons. I also want to do a 50K run (actually run/walk), a 50 mile bike ride and if possible a 70.3 half iron distance bike leg on a relay team.. Who knows what else I’ll find to race between now and the end of 2014?

When I was younger (probably about 25 years old) I said I didn’t want a life filled with “would have/should have/could haves.” Somewhere along the line regret creept in. I regretted getting out of shape; I regretted gaining weight; I regretted not traveling more; I regretted not making enough time for myself. How did I let this happen? Not paying attention I guess. Or maybe I forgot. Regardless, just yesterday I mentioned this credo to a young woman who’s about the same age I was when I made myself this promise. I made the promise to myself again. No more regrets, no more “would have/should have/could haves.” I can’t change the past, but I try to live more fully in the present.

I have a lot to be thankful for — my husband, family, my friends, and an incredibly supportive business partner who’s been one of my best friends and supporters for over 12 years.

My business partner, Molly and I have worked together for more than 13 years. Who would have thought a casual comment she made about starting a business would be the start to a 12+ year journey that still continues? Molly, here’s to many more years of success, laughter, fun and friendship!

My friend Victoria is family to me and is like an “adopted” baby sister. Vic and I have been through thick and thin since 1993. I’ve happily been Ethel to her Lucy, and for those who know us, they are very appropriate nicknames. Lucy, I look forward to many more years of friendship and sisterhood. I <3 you woman!!

My coach, Ben Bartlett, is one-of-a-kind. I think he’s a throwback to another era. He’s an old soul who makes this world a better place. Ben, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your wisdom, guidance, support, friendship, as well as your “get off your tush and go do it” texts keep me going. Thank you for caring so much about me, my fitness, and my health. You’re one of a kind and one of the most decent people I know. I wish you much success in your coaching and racing endeavors. I’ll be a lifelong cheerleader!

Oy, my poor husband Mayer. He gets to put up with me on a daily basis (it’s a two-way street so don’t feel too bad for him – lol). Mayer, thank you for being supportive of my non-traditional ways of doing traditional things. And thank you for dealing with my long hours, my stubbornness, my personal brand of crazy, and not asking me to change -at least not change the general essence of me. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me being a little neater and not forgetting stuff so much. 😉

To everyone else — thank you. I can’t name everyone or it would be a rrreeeaaalllyyy long post, but you know who you are. HUGS!

My parting wish is for each person to remember that it’s not important if you’re a runnerd or in tritraining, just TRY something new. If you fail, so what! There’s always tomorrow or even later on today.

Have a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!


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