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August 3, 2020
Learning Hand Lettering is fun!
September 20, 2020

Yeah, I know. Life gets in the way of many things we want to do. High on the “I didn’t get to it” list is exercise. There seems to be two types of people.

  1. People who are super organized and stick to their wellness routine.
  2. People who can’t seem to find the time to workout because every thing else seems to get in the way. .

I have been guilty of being the second type of person on many occasions. So with my re-energized and organized self, I planned “me” time and exercising into my schedule. [Check out my previous blog post, which has information on how I got organized again.]

If you need to change, then something’s got to give!

The first week of August was out of control busy! I joke how the weeks aren’t Monday to Sunday, but rather:

  • Monday
  • Monday
  • Monday
  • Monday
  • Monday
  • Monday
  • Sunday

Deadlines are the mainstay of my daily life. I’m literally busy all day long. And since I’m teleworking, I try to get up from my desk and take/make phone calls on the patio just so I can have a change of scenery. Once the work week is “over”, I spend all day on Saturday trying to decompress. Then I spend most of Sunday half asleep or napping.


Nope, not last week. I decided it was time to do something different.

By the time I got to the end of the day last Thursday, I had run out of steam. To say I was not very productive is being kind; and I figured Friday would be worse. So instead of pushing through the haze, I prioritized what absolutely had to get done and then I took the afternoon off. I’m so glad I did!

In the video below, I talk about my successes for the week, my change in attitude, and how I took another step forward towards my fitness goals. I’d love to hear about your wins. Leave me a comment either here on on YouTube.

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