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February 24, 2012
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February 29, 2012

Pictures from Seattle run

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Pictures from Seattle run

This was my view from my run in Seattle this morning. It’s Lake Union see from Dexter Street. Cool huh? I wouldn’t mind seeing this every day!


This was the beginning of my run. I wanted to do hills and boy, Seattle has plenty of hills. This is Denny Park at the corner of Dexter and Denny. It’s straight downhill, then straight uphill in two sections.

I managed to run all of the hills without stopping, but got really light headed going up hill. I thought it was because the air was thinner, but my friend Brena said it’s just cause the air is so clean. 🙂

I had such a great time that I forgot to take walk breaks. However it was in the city so there a lot of lights to stop at, so I think it balanced out. Whatever, cause the legs felt pretty good.


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