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August 10, 2016
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November 19, 2016

Need motivation to workout? You need a goal!

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Need motivation to workout? You need a goal!

Are you stuck in a wave of “I can’t get started doing x?” You’re not alone. Part of the problem is just focusing on the task instead of what you want the result to be. This morning was a swirling mess of “you really need to” combined with “you really have to” and a few “are you out of  your minds” thrown in just for fun.

I had been in the same boat for a while. Just because I’m in the fitness and wellness industry doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own weaknesses. Somehow while getting ready I came up with a plan…

Today was a crazy busy day. I had to work and lead the Nu’Strides program with our two running coaches — Anna and Becca [that’s them below].20160814_090636 20160814_13321720160814_153847

Plus I  needed to train for my half iron relay team race in October. I’m so far behind in my training schedule that it’s laughable and daunting. I’ve never ridden 56 miles in a race, but I’ve also never been injured so badly that 7 months later I’m still rehabbing. I figured if I rode my mountain bike at least 30 miles, I’d have a leg up on my training as it’s heavier than my race bike. Plus it would be cooler on the C&O canal path (not as much as you would think — see red face in the picture above right). But it was definitely as better decision than potentially blowing my tires on the hot asphalt.

In between workouts and work, I recorded this video with my take on lack of motivation and one way to fix it. Keep in mind it was a seriously hot day in the summer and I had already biked and run before making the recording [see red face in the video — I’m sensing a theme for today].

I accomplished more that I thought I would today and that makes me proud. Yay!!

So what motivation do you use to help you? Leave a note in the comment section. And always #maketimetoplay! Now I gotta go finish up my to-do list.

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