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February 19, 2012
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February 22, 2012
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My fastest run to date

This was my best and fastest run, especially for this distance. I wish I had known I was so close to 5.5 miles, but I wasn’t looking at the distance when I stopped my watch. Plus I ran out of sunlight.

I changed my stride a couple of weeks ago and it really made a difference. I can run longer at a faster pace with a high cadence while keeping my heart rate down. My avg cadence was 81 although it dropped to 79 on the hills.

I totally rocked the first 3.1 miles at just over a 12 minute pace. I’ve never run a 5K or long this fast (avg 12:39 for the run). I was running 6 minutes and walking 1 minute until Mile 4, when I switched to 4 minute/30 second run/walk. Starting about mile 3.5 I had to deal with a steady incline (part of my training plan is to do more hill training). Then from about mile 4 to 4.75 it was not only uphill, but was a steep incline. I’m pretty happy with it the 13:26 because normally it would be around 15:00+. Overall this run told me several things: 1) I can run at this pace, 2) I need to strengthen my glutes, quads, and hip flexors, and 3) if I ran this way needing more training, then I’m certainly capable of running an even faster pace. [Oh, and did I mention that I’m stoked?

Mile 1 = 11:43, avg pace = 9:23
Mile 2 = 12:13, avg pace = 9:59
Mile 3 = 12:27 avg pace = 9:40
Mile 4 = 12:34, avg pace = 10:47
Mile 5 = 13:26, avg pace = 10:04
Mile .47 = 12:18, avg pace = 8:55 (I wanted to practice a finishing sprint on tired legs)

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