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August 26, 2013
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Just Like Riding a Bicycle

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Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Gaps in training — whatever the reason, they are tough. As tough mentally as physically. Then it’s time to resume training and it’s even tougher mentally than physically.

But, it’s just like riding a bicycle, right? Once you get back on, you remember how to do it. Well, what if your training is riding a bicycle, and swimming, and running? In that case, what is it like? It’s hard – no question about that. And it doesn’t get any easier the longer I wait.

Granted my time off has been for good reason, but at what point do the reasons just pile up? I love to exercise and the feeling it gives me. I wonder if sometimes being so regimented about it takes away the spontaneity and fun? After all, I do this for me and not to earn my living. On the other hand, I have goals to improve in my races times and race longer distances, so I need a solid plan.

Oy! Regardless, I feel like a marshmallow and that has to stop. So now what? My coach, Ben Bartlett, has been great hanging in there with me while I muddle through the craziness. He’s been a coach, cheerleader, babysitter, psychiatrist, etc. The hard part is up to me. I’ve taken baby steps to get back only to get sidelined again. Sigh…

Therein lies the challenge. You gotta keep getting up no matter how many times you “fall down.”

So, the bottom line is I need to do this:


So I can do this:


And not have this:


(note: I found the last picture doing a Google search)

The road back isn’t easy. I think the hardest part is the mental aspect because you know the physical isn’t there and you know it’s going to hurt getting back to where you were. Guess I’ll just have to abide by the universal adage:

Suck it up Buttercup!

And there you have it. Nuff said. Time to get back on the horse…er bike…and treadmill…and in the pool…and in the gym… and out of my head!

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