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June 29, 2010
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July 23, 2010
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I Want to Run, but I’m Sick

I’ve been on a training upswing the last couple of weeks. This past Sunday I went on one of my longest total runs. I was feeling great until Sunday afternoon. I thought it was from the heat and humidity. Was I wrong! I got a summer cold. This is not unusual since it’s been really hot in DC. Combine being inside in the AC with going outside in 90+ degree weather (and back and forth) and it was bound to happen. By why now? Doesn’t my body know that it’s busy season at work and I don’t have time for this. On top of it July 4th is a big race day and I found another 5K I want to run.

The rule is if you’re sick from the neck up only then you can probably still run. If you’re sick from the neck down, then you absolutely should not run. And if you have a fever you should definitely not run because you might risk damaging your heart and have permanent consequences.

So, trying to be good, I took the week off from training. This was almost an impossible feat given that we had almost Spring like weather for the last few days. My mind was saying “get out and enjoy it while you can.” My body was saying “do it and you’ll be sorry!” On top of my cold, I pulled something in my neck on Monday. Let’s just say I was mess and leave it at that.

Thankfully Sarah Southmayd from SS Massage & Healing came to my rescue (she really earned her fee today!). In addition to the known neck problem, my running impacted almost all of the muscles throughout my body, and not just the usual suspects, like my calves and feet. Oh no, I have to be an overachiever and have muscle aches in my arms, shoulders, back, hands (what??) — pretty much everywhere. That’s what I get for having a high pain threshold. Anyway, I’m in good shape now. Next week I’m going to the chiropractor to make sure that I don’t have any unknown structural issues.

As much as I would like to sneak in a quick run this afternoon, I’m going to use my better judgment and rest for the next couple of days. I’ll see how I feel and hopefully I will be able to participate in the Autism Speaks 5K race on July 4 in Potomac, MD. If not, I’ll run on Sunday and look for a future race date. The goal is to be able to run long term. [I guess this is where older & wiser comes into play!]

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