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November 21, 2012
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January 14, 2013
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I did 19 miles today

When I saw the marathon training schedule for that my coach created for me several months ago I felt light headed when I saw a 20 mile training run. She had to update my schedule based on some external factors and instead I have two 18 miles runs. The first one was supposed to be today. However due to a underestimation of the distance from Rockville to the Shady Grove Metro Station parking lot, my really super friendfriend Heather and I ended up doing 19 miles.

So after this historic, epic, long endeavor I have four words — “I did it” and “OW”. Determination (and my Heather) got me to 18 miles. Bad planning on how far it actually was from Rockville to the Shady Grove Metro Station parking lot got us to 19 miles [and past the goal distance].

This is the longest distance I’ve ever done! On top of very sore ITBs and very tired feet, the escalator at the Bethesda Metro wasn’t working so we had to walk down it (so again – OW!). Plus we were out so long that we had to stop in Rockville to get some food. To get in the last 2.5 miles, we decided to walk back instead of taking the Metro.

But we did it and in two weeks I have to do it again. Somehow I will have to summon the courage to concur not the unknown, but the known. I know that it will hurt and it will take some disassociation on my part to get through it. Plus I won’t have Heather to distract me and keep me moving. But I do know that I can do 19 miles.

The question is can I go the extra 7.2 miles to finish the marathon? Heather says that she knows me and knows that no matter what I will finish. After all, I started talking about calling it a day around mile 12 tpday (pesky ITBS), but kept going the last 7 miles inspite of how I was feeling. Deep down I know she’s right. I’m not a quitter. However, right now I’m off to deal with my ITB and sore feet. I’ll deal with the next long slow distance run when it’s time. 😀

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