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August 16, 2012
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November 21, 2012
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I did 16 miles today

Today I did the longest distance I’ve ever done and I was faster than the 15 miler I did 2 weeks ago. I met my goal of averaging 16:30 m/m. I thought I had the proper distance mapped out, but I had to circle around the Bethesda Metro to finish out that last mile. People probably thought I was nuts. 😉 I pushed it, but not in a crazy way.

My friend Heather met me at Mile 4 and hung out until Mile 12 (that’s a real friend). Mile 14 was my best pace (13:33). I have no idea where that came from and I paid for it. It’s just at the point I felt like running longer than the other miles. My knee said that’s enough of that, but I managed to keep going to finish out the goal distance.

I really have to work on my leg and core strength — it really shows at the end of the runs. As happy as I was with today’s run, I’m still 10.2 miles away from my marathon distance. I’m working on it though and fortunately I have more than 2 months and a great play list for the times my friends aren’t around.


I also used my Nathan Intensity Women’s Hydration Vest (2L) for the first time (got it at RunningWarehouse.com. Luv it! It’s the first time I didn’t have to “ration” fluids. Plus it’s nice not to have the weight of water bottles resting (bouncing) on my hips. It has a pocket for my gels, a stretch pocket for a 22 oz bottle, and zippered section where I can keep stuff. I took extra Hammer Perpetuem power in a zip lock and was able to make another bottle from the water bladder when my first bottle ran out. This is a much better solution for longer runs and for the marathon.Added plus…I got to meet my DailyMile friend Alice D. out on the CCT. I recognized her from her picture. 🙂

Splits: 16:22, 16:03, 16:20, 16:03, 15:29, 15:36, 18:06, 16:45, 18:02, 16:12, 17:10, 17:45, 17:06, 13:33 (!!), 17:05, 16:29

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