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April 7, 2013
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April 12, 2013

I’ve been a member of gyms and fitness clubs since my early 20s and used to be quite a gym rat. In the last several years, I prefer training outside, but sometimes I can’t. The weather may be bad, it may be late, or I may just feel like using machines. Since I’ve been training for the triathlon season and working on my swimming, I’ve been using the Montgomery County public pools and frankly some are better than others. One of my biggest complaints is some people don’t want to share the lap lanes. Guess what people? I pay county taxes and just because you’re there more frequently than me doesn’t entitle you to sole use. [Excuse the rant…I’m better now].

My brother Sean told me about a club down the street from my office called Equinox. I’ve seen it before from the outside, but had never been in. It’s a gorgeous building, but honestly I wasn’t interested in joining another fitness club as I already have a membership. Sean kept talking about the amenities (blah blah blah in my head) and then he said the magic words “they have a salt water lap pool.” Huh? I swam in a salt water pool during Passover and LOVED it! “Seriously? OK, you gotta take me there.” That was on Tuesday. I had an appointment on Thursday. We would have gone on Wednesday, but my brother was in meetings all day.

The area manager, Adin Alai, gave me a tour and I was completely blown away. The facility is beyond beautiful, but more importantly it is laid out in a way that clearly had serious thought put behind it. It is a multi-level building with the cardio equipment on the top floor. They have more cardio equipment than I’ve ever seen including some cool ones I had never heard of before today. They have bikes near the treadmills so I can do my brick workouts there if I want. The weight machines are on the second floor and they have additional cardio machines nearby so you don’t have to go upstairs – big bonus! The lap pool is on the bottom floor next to the locker rooms and yoga studio, and it’s one of the biggest yoga studios I’ve every seen at a fitness club. They have a ton of classes and plenty of space to have multiple concurrent activities. I’d go on about all the other things they offer, but this is a blog post not a competition for the most words every written at one time.

As for the locker rooms, let’s just say that I came home and decided that our master bathroom needs a serious update.

I already knew I was going to join Equinox before I got the tour. I mean having access to a salt water lap pool every day that is within walking distance of my office was a no brainer. Can you say spoiled? 😉

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