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HydroChic Modest Swim Skirt

Anyone who dresses modestly, but is active knows that the biggest challenge isn’t finding time to work out…it’s finding the appropriate clothing! Running and biking clothing has come a long way, but swimsuits — not so much. Some of the “swimsuits” are made out of swimsuit material, but are totally impractical for anything other than standing around in the pool. I did find one modest swim set, however the skirt material didn’t stay under water and it ended up floating up to my hips. Plus when I got it, the material stuck to my thighs — not at all modest.

Last year, I decided to do triathlons starting in 2013 and was trying to figure out the clothing logistics, particularly the swim leg. Back in the fall of 2012, I was contacted by a company called HydroChic (www.hydrochic.com) asking me to test one of their swim skirts. I admit I was dubious based on my previous experiences, particularly about the skirt length. I quizzed their rep who recommended the Extra Long Black Swim Skirt (https://hydrochic.com/modest-swimwear-long-black-swim-skirt-2-12185.html).

I received it just in time for the swim clinic starting the beginning of February. Long story short – I love it!! In a nutshell the biggest problem with some swim skirts are 1) they are too short for someone like me (very tall with very long legs), 2) aren’t modest when you get out; or 3) create a lot of drag; or 4) don’t hold up in the swimming pool.

This skirt is: 1) long enough (including the leggings, although it comes with shorts); 2) lets go of your legs when you come out of the pool – I think the A line cut and stitching help with this; 3) are pretty aero-dynamic considering the amount of fabric. It also has snaps between the legs, which help keep the skirt down; and 4) holds up in the pool. I swim three days a week doing lap workouts for an hour at a time. During these workouts, I swim anywhere from 1650-2200 yards at a time. This is a lot of chlorine for a swimsuit to handle, but I haven’t seen any discoloration in the almost 2 months of continuous use. I also wash it in warm water and the chlorine smell comes right out.

It packs really easy – I can fit it into my TYR mummy bag and was able to pack it for my personal and business trips. It also fits into the machine that wrings excess water out of swimsuits, which is a bonus.

I was really hoping to test the skirt in the ocean during my business trip to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow for it. Based on the pool performance, I’m sure it would have been great.

An added bonus is the skirt is nice enough to wear on the street so I can change at home and take a set of dry clothes with me for after my workout. This is a great timesaver, especially since some of my workouts start at 6-6:30 am.

Couple of things – if you’re swimming laps, make sure you get the long leggings, not the shorts. Wear a bathing suit under it so if your swim shirt comes un-tucked your back is still covered. I didn’t test their swim shirt, but based on the skirt’s performance, I’m sure it works well.

As full disclosure, I did receive the skirt from the company at no charge. However, I like it so much that I’m buying another one out of my own pocket! The good news is I have to order a smaller size – another benefit of swimming! 😀

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  1. Izabela says:

    Hey! I have a quick question. In a chlorine pool where lots of people are swimming with goggles at once, how do you make sure that it doesn’t show betwean your legs? Is there a snap or anything like that? It’s so frustrating looking for skirts but knowing that it will probably not cover 100% in the pool.
    Do you think hydrochic will withstand?

    • Diana Dibble says:

      Hi Izabela. I think the skirt I wore had a snap in the middle, but I don’t remember. I do know that the skirt didn’t rise up to my hips while I was in the water.

      There are a lot of swim skirts available at Hydrochic. Some have attached leggings, but the one they made for me didn’t as I had separate triathlon capris by De Soto Sports that I wore for the race. I suggest visiting the Hydrochic website to see what is currently offered (https://hydrochic.com/collections/modest-skirts). There is also a Contact Us button where you can ask questions and get more information. Thanks!

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