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November 27, 2011
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January 10, 2012
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Happy New Year

Great day for a run, although somehow I managed to be in a headwind in BOTH directions. LOL

It was sunny and in the upper 40s, so I got to wear my PR Training Programs shirt.

Today was my first run since I ran in St. Louis on 12/16/11. I had a really bad cold. I’ve been run down and I think I had something brewing, which the flights helped push it over the edge into an actual cold. I wanted to make sure it was completely gone before I started working out again. I have to be very careful because I tend to get chest colds and/or bronchitis that can last for a couple of months. I’ve really been paying attention to my diet, taking vitamins and supplements, trying to get more rest, and reducing my stress levels. I’m committed to making more time for myself this year. I know I’ve been saying this for months, but I really have to for my physical and mental well being.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2012 with health, happiness and economic growth 🙂 plus lots of solid training and really fun races. Happy New Year and Happy Running!

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