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November 7, 2010
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December 7, 2010
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Getting back on track

I haven’t lost my love of running, but I have lost some steam. First I had the problem with it being so dark in the morning that I couldn’t get motivated. Now the clocks have changed back to standard time so that’s no longer an issue (or excuse). However, my life is trying to take over my life. I’ve been working a lot of hours and have not included me in the list of priorities. On top of that, I’ve been battling two injuries. I was getting frustrated because it’s becoming hard to run not easier.

So, I’ve taken a step back to regroup and have been very careful not to go out too fast or run too far. This time I training smart. I’ve gone back to the basics to rebuild my stamina and mileage. I’ve signed up for several races of various distances over the next couple of months. I really enjoy racing and it gives me a concrete goal. I have a solid training plan so I can look forward to 10-milers and maybe a half marathon.

I’ve never had any formal coaching aside from one running clinic that I did previously earlier in the year. So, I signed up for a ChiRunning workshop through Fleet Feet Gaithersburg. This way I can create/reinforce good running habits. I’ve also gotten additional safety and cold weather gear from FFG so I can stay safe and warm.

Most importantly, I reminded myself that I run because I enjoy running, which has really helped with the mental aspect. I really like my running group, however I kind of miss the alone time. Both have their positives and I think I can find balance and have the best of both worlds.

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