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June 9, 2017
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Fun things to do even though summer is over

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Fun things to do even though summer is over

Summer is fun…but Fall can be too!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost October. Summer is over. Kids have gone back to school. Pools are closed. Leaves will start turning from green to gold. Temps are falling. Seems like July 4th was just yesterday and now Halloween is around the corner.

Personally, I look forward to Fall. The cool evenings are so enjoyable, even though I hate that nightfall is so much earlier.

Plus it means ski season is around the corner!!

So, what to do when the weather changes and the days are shorter?

Obviously the internet makes it easy to find fun fall activities. I’ve shared some of my favs below, but would love to hear other ideas. Share some fun things that you have done or are looking to do this Fall in the comments.

    • Go Apple picking (definitely want to do this)
    • Look at fall foliage or collect leaves
    • Visit to a corn maze (sounds fun!)
    • Take for a hayride
    • Go for a hike or a bike ride
    • Tailgate at a local football game (I’m a hockey fan so…)
    • Plant spring bulbs for next year’s garden
    • Run or walk a race (on this list!!)
    • Make a pine cone bird feeder (with or without peanut butter)
    • Go to the library to read and/or check out a book (or download a book to Kindle)
    • Make rice crispy treats (and try not to eat them all by yourself)
    • Jump in a pile of leaves (but check for rocks first…trust me on this)
    • Go to a winery (plan ahead and rent a limo, or take Lyft)
    • Bake an apple pie (sharing is optional)
    • Get fall veggies from a farmer’s market (and try a new recipe)
    • Eat a candy apply (just not right after the rice crispy treats)
    • Drink hot apple cider (with or without whiskey or rum)
    • Stargaze
    • Go to local museums or music festivals
    • Hang out with friends around a fire pit (every day if I could)

So, just because summer has ended doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There is so much to do in the Fall, especially if you have great weather. Get out and enjoy it! I know I will!


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