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April 29, 2012
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May 25, 2012

Frederick Half

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Frederick Half

Perfect racing weather for the Frederick Half Marathon AKA the Frederick Running Festival. Howver, I wasn’t sure this one was going to happen. I figured I would do everything I could and see how it worked out. I was so undertrained and have been nursing injured calves, knee & ankle. I spent Friday & Saturday, stretching, foam rolling and icing. I was really concerned because my calves seem to fall apart about mile 8/8.5 and my legs couldn’t support me after the CUCB 10 miler.


From the interim results below, it’s clear that I was doing pretty good through Mile 8 (better than my overall time for the Zooma half last June, but frum there I started to slow down when my right knee started to really hurt from my ITB tightening up.

Your overall finish time was 3:29:08.81. You finished ***** out of 14 in the
Female 0-99 age group and 12 out of 23 in the race.

Results by segment:
8 Mile – Rank – 9 Time – 1:59:05.53 Pace – 14:53/mile
10 Mile – Rank – 9 Time – 33:43.37 Pace – 16:52/mile
Finish – Rank – 12 Time – 56:19.91 Pace – 18:10/mile

I made a new friend and we stuck together the entire race. I readjusted my mindset and made finishing and doing it under 3:30 my goal. Mission accomplished – I finished in 3:29:08 and beat a 16 minute pace! That’s only 11 minutes slower than my first half last June and I was in much better shape for it. Long story short (too late) it’s finished and no damage done.

Goals are to get stronger and keep having fun! 🙂 The next Running 101/201 class starts May 14. I’m going to concentrate on getting faster in shorter distances and stronger for longer distances. And as always, have a great time doing it!

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