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December 2, 2012
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January 28, 2013

Disney Marathon 2013

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Disney Marathon 2013

My goal was to run a marathon in 2013. I achieved part of that goal…I ran in a marathon race in 2013. Am I dissapointed? No way! Why? Because I made it to the start and ran more than halfway in conditions that slowed down much faster runners. Plus with my hip acting up, I thought it would be better not to risk permanent injury. Here’s what I reported on DailyMile.

Really hot day. Got just past mile 14 and was 30 seconds behind the pace when I got swept. Last year they let people go a little bit behind pace and make it up later, however since it was so hot they were trying to get people off the course. I probably lost time in pottie lines. On the upside they said since I’ve gone past the half marathon mark and they pulled me I still earned my medal and would get to wear it. So I didn’t get to finish my first marathon but I am very proud of my accomplishment today because I ran very well. Plus with all the walking the last couple of days I exceeded 26.2 miles. disney-marathon-profile-pic

So will I do another marathon? Yep, but I’ll allow myself a year to do it. I had six months, but the holidays in the fall made it impossible to consistently train and I only got through one 19-mile run. My hip flexor got injured and my IT Band absolutely hated me. All in all I did the best that I could.

I also want to address my nutritional needs not only for marathons, but in general. I think the additional training is reeking havoc on my adrenal system so I’m not recovering as quickly as I could/should be. I also want to cut down on wheat and sugar in my diet. I think this will help reduce inflamation in my body.

So what happens next? My friends said that I’m still a marathoner even though I didn’t finish. Still I’m looking foward to crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles.

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