My Take on The World

March 6, 2012

Encouraging Jewish Women Athletes

I’m very passionate about helping women achieve their goals and live healthier lives. I particularly want to help Jewish women get more active. As such, I […]
March 4, 2012

Lake Needwood with Heather & Katie the super dog

Long run with my friend Heather & Katie (her sweetie-pie doggie). Longest run since last summer. We walked the first .5 miles as a warm-up. My […]
February 29, 2012

Track intervals in the rain

Awesome track workout in the pouring rain. Did 400s, 800s and multiple 100 sprints with walking breaks in between. Felt pretty good especially since I didn’t […]
February 28, 2012

Pictures from Seattle run

This was my view from my run in Seattle this morning. It’s Lake Union see from Dexter Street. Cool huh? I wouldn’t mind seeing this every […]
February 24, 2012

Run #3 in 5 days

After a really great track workout on Wednesday, I wanted to keep up the momentum. I wanted to run on Thursday, but I worked 12+ hours […]
February 22, 2012

Awesome track workout

This was an awesome track workout – 3.11 miles. My friend Heather came out to run with me AND she offered to pace me for the […]
February 20, 2012

My fastest run to date

This was my best and fastest run, especially for this distance. I wish I had known I was so close to 5.5 miles, but I wasn’t […]
February 19, 2012

Frederick Half route & elevation

A friend of mine once told me that it’s a good idea to get the race course’s elevation so you’ll know how to train for it. […]
February 12, 2012

Coldest day of the year

This was the coldest day & run of the year. It was about 20 degrees, but the wind was brutal! Windchill was 8 degrees – thank […]
February 11, 2012

Awesome treadmill run then row machine

Ran 2.02 miles on the treadmill. This was one of my proudest moments since I started running. Last Tuesday I ran 6:15/:45 run/walk intervals, so tonight […]