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October 14, 2013
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November 1, 2013
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De Soto Sports does it again

I’m a happy, happy girl? Why? Because of De Soto Sports. I’ve previously blogged about how I was able to participate in triathlons because I found their tri capri online. Well, they’ve taken a great product and made it even better!

In a nutshell, their tri capri is a version of their tri short but with mid-calf length pants.  They’re easy to workout in and comfortable to wear during swims, bike rides, and runs. I think I now have 8 pairs of the original ones.

So again…why am I so happy? I love, love, love the new pant length! I have huge/muscular calves so I was always pulling up the leg so my calves wouldn’t cramp during longer workouts. Now the length is perfect for me. I have really long legs so they may still be mid-calf on women with shorter legs.

Plus I love the way the updated ones feel. I don’t know if they changed the chamois, but it’s super comfortable. I wore them during a VO2 max test and was comfortable during the entire ride. The last thing you need when you’re trying to breathe with a mask over most of your face is an uncomfortable tush. They actually are so comfortable I stopped wearing my “traditional” bike shorts. I hope to do the bike leg on a half iron relay team and I have no doubt that these capris will keep me comfortable for the entire ride.

vo2-max-testing-2013-10-15I also wore them during a treadmill run and there was absolutely no bunching or riding up during my workout. I didn’t have to stop once to make any adjustments. I feel like I get the support of compression tights without losing the feeling and blood flow in my lower extremities.

One of the challenges of having to wear a skirt over my capris means that heat is trapped. I’ve searched for years for the “perfect” capris, but still have had to settle for close enough. Not any more. If I start to heat up I can pour water on them to cool off. The material dries quickly so I’m not wearing a soggy garment during my workouts.

These are going to be perfect for training until I have to switch to winter tights. I can wear them outside with my compression socks and be perfectly comfortable. This is my plan for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K (MCM10K).

I’ve basically replaced all of my capris with the De Soto tri capri. There’s really no need to have separate ones for running and tris since these are so comfortable. However, I do like the De Soto run capri. I love the fabric and the ruching.  I recently purchased a pair of these and as soon as I lose a little weight they’re going to fit perfectly.

Disclaimer: De Soto Sports sent me a pair of the new tri capris to test. However, given the number of pairs that I purchased on my own, you can hardly say that this biased my opinion. Plus I’m  going to purchase addition pairs as soon as the new ones are available. After that I think I may need to purchase another dresser to house them. 😀

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