Staying productive while teleworking
May 12, 2020
How are you staying organized
August 3, 2020

As a business owner, one of my biggest challenges has been the learning curve related to the pandemic. I am responsible for all of Design To Delivery Inc’s (D2DInc) company operations. It’s my job is to anticipate the “what ifs” for known and potential situations. My business partner and I founded D2DInc on September 10, 2001. We started the company navigating a “new normal”. We have navigated many new normals such as a big recession, several federal government shut downs, weather issues (a couple of blizzards and an earthquake) just to name a few.

But this is something we have never seen before.

Everything business related changed overnight. Thankfully I did a lot of advance planning starting in February 2020 so our transition to a virtual environment went smoothly. As an introvert I haven’t had the same personal challenges as others. I do, however, understand and am empathetic as to why this is so hard on people.

NAWBO Introduced Us

I’ve been a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for several years. My membership has help me develop leadership skills, as well as friendships with other women business owners across the United States. That’s how I met Paula D’Amico, aka The Life Gardener (that’s Paula and me in the header picture).

I liked Paula the instant I met her. She has an amazing, vivacious personality that lights up a room. She’s a speaker, business owner (Blessings by Nature®), TV producer, and author (she co-authored “The Beauty of Authenticity“) just to name a few of her many talents.

“Do you want to be a guest on my podcast?”

In February 2020, Paula and I attended the NAWBO Leadership Academy, which was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the conference, we were hanging out when Paula said she would like to interview me for her podcast. We had a great time discussing a variety of business topics. Little did we know how quickly things would change a month later.

In April 2020, Paula reached out to me suggesting a follow-up podcast talking about navigating an essential business and life during the “new normal”. Of course I agreed (any excuse to spend time with Paula works for me!).

Paula is an amazing host! In the podcast below, we talk about:

  • how a love of sci-fi and superhero movies helped me prepare for the pandemic
  • leadership skills
  • survivor’s guilt as a business
  • mental stress and how not having a routine can cause your body to break down
  • breakdown of barriers between home and work life; and challenges from teleworking
  • being flexible
  • understanding the fear and anger
  • holding it together
  • gratitude for the things that are good

Don’t worry — this isn’t a total downer podcast. While we have serious moments, there is also a lot of laughter; as well as examples of things you can do/use. I hope my experience and expertise is helpful.

I want to hear your thoughts and stories about your new normal. Leave me a comment below about your experience.

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