The holidays are upon us
December 4, 2018
Starting over (again) isn’t a bad thing
January 7, 2019

A couple of months ago my brother called to tell me about these cool new sports headphones he’d seen. He’d met one of the employees and wanted to introduce me. I spoke to the guy, got some general information, signed up for the newsletter, got a discount code, said I would try and visit the kiosk in the mall, and hung up the phone.

I thought nothing of it after the call. The last thing I needed was another pair of headphones. However, my brother said the guy is a cyclist so maybe I’d have someone new to ride with.

Fast forward to December 22nd and I get an email from the company with a bigger discount for the holiday. I opened the newsletter linked and started scrolling through information about the headphones. Bad mistake!! The gadget freak in me instantly said “YOU MUST BUY THESE TODAY!!

So obviously I ordered a pair. The blue ones because 1) they looked so boss; 2) I could probably find them in my handbag.

I got an email from Dave, the company COO [on December 24th I might add) saying the blue ones were out of stock but he could check the store and if so get them to me by the end of the week.

Me: no problem, I’d rather have the blue ones.

So Dave emails later in the week he has them and since I’m local did I want him to drop off the pair and show me how to use them?

Me: Definitely!

So we decide to meet up on Saturday. After exchanging pleasantries, Dave asks me my brother’s name. Guess what?? Dave is the guy I spoke to on the phone. Well, that’s a small world for you. And he’s an amazing cyclist, martial artist, outdoorsy sports guy!

^^This is why Conduit Motion is so good. The people behind the product are the same type of people who need and would buy it…like me.

So Dave un-boxed the headphones for me and gave me a quick tutorial. Here’s what transpired.

Disclaimer: I purchased the headphones using the publicly offered 10% discount, and wasn’t offered anything for posting this video.

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