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August 17, 2010
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September 5, 2010
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Can’t wait for fall!

It’s been a very interesting summer considering I’m still fairly new to running. OK, so 10 months may not be so new, but in the grand schemes of things, I still a beginner.

The DC area has had an incredible number of 90+ and 100+ degree days. The upside of training during the summer is it’s not easy. I had to acclimate to the heat and humidity AND I have to get up really early to run to avoid to worst heat of the day. Sure I could run on a treadmill and not worry about the temperature, but where’s the fun in that?? I love the feeling of getting from one point on the street to another point. And there’s better scenery outside.

During the summer, nutrition and hydration have been the mainstays of my existence. I have multiple reusable water bottles with freezable inserts that I always have with me. My husband says I could have a yard sale just for my bottles. I also had to increase my food intake so I get enough carbs and protein to fuel my runs and repair/build my muscles. Nothing wrong with having to eat more!

The heat makes me (and everyone else) run slower than usual, so I haven’t been so concerned about pace (especially as a beginner).  However, as a more experienced runner recently told me “you’ll be in great shape once the cool weather of fall starts to set in and your pace will really improve.” WOOT!!

There is another upside to fall coming (at least for me). The busiest time of year for my business is May through September (August & September are off-the-charts busy). During the summer, I average 12-hour work days or longer. I have to be really committed to get in 3 training days per week. If I only get in a mile run, then fine…at least I got it done.

So I can’t wait until fall because 1) my busy season will be over; 2) my schedule will normalize; 3) I’ll be able to train more regularly and for longer durations; and 4) I’ll be really fast!!

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